We appreciate you considering Epic Homecare, Inc. for your patient’s home health needs. Delivery of healthcare services at home is a popular choice for both physicians and their patients because it allows for a more flexible lifestyle without the need to travel to clinics or doctors’ offices. Delivering healthcare services at home by experienced clinicians leads to better outcomes and allows physicians to continue to stay connected to patients and their families. Home healthcare is a team effort. Choosing the right partner is the key to successful recovery!

Why choose home care? Patients receiving home care have a lower risk of infection and other complications than those in institutionalized care. Care at home is also less expensive and more convenient for patients than care given in a hospital or skilled care facility. Studies have shown that patients tend to recover more quickly in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. With continued support and management of a safe home environment, seniors are far less likely to end up back in the hospital.

Which of my patients would benefit from home care? Today’s elderly population is living longer than ever before. Longer lives can lead to more complex medical cases and situations of multiple medical co-morbidities. Individualized care is crucial to optimizing health and wellness for these patients. As a result, home health care is increasingly the recovery and treatment method of choice for today’s physician. At Epic Homecare, we have found that the following factors are indicators for care at home:

  • Any change in your patient’s pre-hospitalization vs. current function
  • Availability of a capable and willing caregiver
  • Your patient’s past use of home care services
  • Presence of co-morbidities or cognitive deficits
  • Multiple hospitalizations or ER visits
  • Level of your patient’s understanding of his or her illness
  • Safety and supervision needs, as recommended by a PT or OT
  • Wound care needs
  • IV administration
  • Medication management

Since 1999 Epic Homecare has served the Los Angeles area for. In that time, we have developed a reputation for compassionate, reliable home care services that exceed state standards. We are committed to going above and beyond standard care to create unique, personalized care plans for each of our patients. No case is too challenging for our multi-disciplinary team. Whether your patient needs occupational or physical therapy, dietician services, skilled nursing care, or access to medical social services or community recourses, we can help.  Our results speak for themselves with improved function and healing, top of the line care integrations, and complication rates that are far below the national average.

At Epic Homecare, we stand behind our commitment to exceptional patient care. We understand that our service to your patients reflects your commitment to them as well. At Epic Homecare, we consider ourselves partners for you and the patients you care about.  Our coverage area includes most of the Los Angeles County. To make a referral please contact us by phone or fax.

Should you have any questions or to submit a patient referral please call us at (323)360-4760 or fax patient information to (323)655-6118